Style for Men

the Dramatic Man


“The man who can wear dramatic attire is usually tall and thin, sometimes very thin, with broad horizontal shoulders.  Your body tends to have long vertical lines, rather than a chunky look, and your hair is dark or strikingly blonde or gray.  Nothing about you is middle of the road.  You have angular features, perhaps a sharply pointed nose and chin, and an angular body… In general, you wear bold or dark colors mixed with your season’s white for maximum contrast.”

Carole Jackson, Color for Men

the Natural Man


“The Natural man is usually of sturdy or athletic build.  Your face may be craggy with irregular features.  or perhaps you have a square jaw and wide set eyes or simply a rugged and outdoorsy look.  You might have freckles and your hair is rarely glossy… you’re the guy who can wear a beard or mustache well.”  Carole Jackson

the Romantic Man


“The Romantic is a Romeo – a lover, not a fighter.  You’re gracious and suave, with an air of an artist or poet about you.  Very sensual and very social, you have expensive tastes and a bit of theatrical flair.  The Romantic man is moderately tall with an athletic but not overdeveloped build – strong but not bulky.  Romantics tend to have beautiful eyes and skin and thick hair – curly, wavy or straight, but always luxurious.  Your face is expressive and well proportioned, important to your overall look.”  Carole Jackson

the Classic Man


“Your body is of average proportions, not too tall or short, neither lanky nor extremely muscular.  Your facial features are evenly proportioned and regular, with no prominent features such as a big nose or a very square jaw.   Your face has refined features and your coloring is medium.”  Carole Jackson

the Gamine Man


“The Gamin man has a boyish face and body with a jaunty stride, and is perpetually young looking. You are a rather formal dresser and tend to be rather fashion conscious with an eye for detail… Though youthful looking, your clothes are always fitted and neat.” Carole Jackson


Style for Men

Color Analysis for Men