Your Season Reds

happy valentines day

Here are the red fan strips from each season.  See more detail at this post:

Please note that these are not accurate representations of the color of the real fan strips, just approximations.


spring red bouquet
Basic Spring Red

The basic Spring red is a tint.

spring color list by blends reds
(these are reading too pink)

spring reds
Spring Reds


summer red
Basic Summer Red

The basic Summer red is a tone.

summer color list reds

summer reds
Summer Reds


Autumn Red Orange
Autumn Red Orange

The basic Autumn red is an earth tone rust, or shade.

autumn fan color names2 reds

autumn reds
Autumn Reds


Basic Winter Red
Basic Winter Red

The basic Winter Red is a pure hue.

winter color names reds

winter reds
Winter Reds