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Color Me A Season: 12 Seasons

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CMAS Color Analysis

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Color Profiles Individualized Fans

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Color Me A Season Color Analysis &

Color Profiles Fabric Fan


CMAS & Color Profiles Package

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Personalized Wardrobe Planners

Based on your Body Colors

Personalized McJimsey Style Consults

Based on your McJimsey Quiz scores

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Makeover personalized wardrobe planners

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McJimsey Style Consult Guide (quiz)

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season guides

Season Guides
If you get a virtual analysis done by me and later get a face to face analysis with a different result, you may be interested in one of my general season guides.  These have a lot of the info. you received in your personal report without being personalized.$19.95 for over 70 pages each
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about Jane

unnamed (25)Dear Friends,

I am a Snowfrost Winter (Winter-Summer Type 4/2) and this effects how I work and the product you will get.  I am analytical and detailed and my process is as well. I am sensitive and caring, but you may not necessarily feel that in the process as you would in person because I am reserved and focused on the task. In emails, I tend to share information more than sentiment.  My apologies in advance, as it is not my intention to be anything but supportive! 🙂

Depending on your season/type/personality, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information I provide and share with you in pursuit of as accurate an outcome as is possible virtually.  Please just let me know and I can try to summarize more succinctly for you.

I also work part-time in this venture and part-time in private practice locally, which somewhat limits my availability during certain hours of the week.

Yours, Jane Rekas, LCSW, Certified Color Me A Season Consultant

 Color Analysts of the Different Seasons