Comparing Kibbe Gamine & Soft Gamine to McJimsey Gamine (Lively/Exuberant) and Ingenue (Youthful Playful)

How similar are the McJimsey Gamine (Exuberant/Lively) and Kibbe Gamine categories? The Kibbe Soft Gamine is perhaps closer to McJimsey Ingenue, but not really, as is pointed out over at Style Syntax.

Keep in mind also “They state “regardless of how Gamin you might have been, however, there will be an emergence of the Ingenue at about age 40.”

EYT type and style comparison page-page-001

Note that these McJimsey factors are not included in Kibbe.

EYT type and style comparison page-page-002


All A and you are Dramatic, all E and your are Romantic.  If you are a combination of these opposites (and short or young), you can be Gamine.

Here I’m just comparing column D, which Kibbe doesn’t name, but might be like Ingenue, to McJimsey Ingenue:

EYT type and style comparison colD-page-001

Here I’m comparing Kibbe Gamine, Kibbe Soft Gamine and Kibbe Column D.

EYT type and style comparison kibbes-page-001 (1)

David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis.
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