CMAS Virtual Report Instructions

Online/Virtual Disclaimer:  my analysis is only as good as the quality of pics you can provide 🙂  

Also friend me on facebook if you have pictures in albums there that would help me see you in natural poses.

Note: this is not a fast process.  Expect to engage for several days to a week, completing quizzes and considering personality profiles.  I will be sending you partial and full length DRAFTS, without conclusion so as to incorporate your input.

Pictures needed for consult.

QUIZZES please complete the following:

beauty resume essenceregistration

personalitytraits   temperament


whats included
The most important part of a Color Me A Season format Virtual Analysis is to determine your CMAS season.  You will have a dominant season and secondary seasonal blend, resulting in one of the 12 seasons.  This is done by comparing the four chromas of certain colors for you and then having you confirm this at home with my “Home Draping Guide.” Also comes with links in report to free downloads such as Face Shape & Hair Download and Wardrobe Planner. Jane Rekas, certified in Color Me A Season color analysis
not included

You can buy fans here: or request to order them from me, if I have them in stock.  I also recommend other fans in my “how to use your fan” guide.  I may include a few photoshop paperdolls to confirm your season, but this is not always included and is an extra service, see below.COLOR NOT WARDROBE/STYLEThis is a color report, not a wardrobing report.  If you do the McJimsey/Northrup style quiz, it will be incorporated, but for further wardrobing advice, please consider the personalized wardrobe planner, see below.

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Fans are not included.