CMAS Body Colors

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These are average body colors for the seasons.  Find your own colors on your fan.

ABSOLUTE SPRING — usually has warm blonde (may have touch of red or light brown) or silver hair. When Absolute the Personality traits fit almost perfectly. Eye color looks green or blue, when wearing those colors, or may be light yellow brown.  Face will be very narrow or round.  (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [personality description]
Hair 22A Spun Gold
Romantic 3B Peach Melba
Eye 37A Teal Wash (or as above)
Skin 10E Golden Glow


GLORIOUS SPRING — (Spring – Autumn, aka Warm Spring) red to light blonde red or yellow blonde, with freckled skin.  Hair has glassy quality.  Skin tone has yellow undertone.  Eyes may be blue, aqua, turquoise, golden green, yellow brown or hazel.  Eyes may contain orange or wine. (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [spring-autumn personality description]

True Spring: Warm-ness!  Saturation is mid to fairly high. Value is medium.

 undertone: yellow, overtone will also be warm, hence “Warm Spring”

*Glorious Spring

Hair 24 Golden Beige (or red as above)
Romantic 5B Deep Coral
Eyes 33B Sky Blue  

Skin 12E Fawn

PASTEL SPRING — (Spring mixed with Summer, aka Light Spring) Hair coloring: light brown or ash blonde hair, platinum, honey blonde or taupe, or salt and pepper grey.  Eyes are blue, green or hazel, grey or brown with a wide band around rim of iris.  Skin tone is often light pink peach, or may have a slight green cast. (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [spring-summer personality description]

Light Spring: Lightness! Saturation is medium. Neutral warm heat level.

undertone: light peach pink, with slightly blue or cool overtone, creating a neutral skin with slightly green cast
Hair 12B Fawn
Romantic 3B Peach Melba
Eye 33 B Sky Blue (or other colors as above)
Skin 13D Prauline

STRIKING SPRING — (Spring – Winter, aka Clear/Bright/Vital Spring) medium to dark brunette (even ash), root beer brown, black (with warm tones), also blonde or platinum, or silver, gray or white hair. Skin tone is porcelain to dark olive but with yellow (or pink) under base. Angular, oval or oblong face shape. Eyes are usually brown, possibly with a yellow marking, may also be shining golden brown or blue with rays or spokes (which might cause them to be misanalyzed as Winter), or yellow marking around starburst, or open space in nerve wreath.
There are a few types of Spring-Winters in appearance. There are ones with darker hair, who appear almost Winter, but have more of the Spring personality. And then there are those who are blonde, appearing more Spring, but having more of Winter’s controlled aspect to their personality.

Note: Eye color and pattern can show your secondary and hair color is random enough that it should not be an overall determinant. Spring hair should be warm and bright.

Vital SpringHue is medium, not too dark. Neutral warm.
undertone:  clear pink, may have olive or porcelain skin, overall neutral


Hair 40A Charcoal (or blonde, etc. as above)
Romantic 2A Sultry Peach
Eye 15A Brown Luster (possibly blue also)
Skin 9D Dream Sheen


ABSOLUTE SUMMER — “brownette” usually has light ash brown hair, without red highlights, it could also be gray. Rounded or square face, with nose with slightly wide tip, large eyes, usually blue. (Skin around the eyes will be pink in Summers).  [personality description]


Hair 18 Cameo Brown
Romantic 3B Shell Pink
Eyes 34 Mediterranean
Skin 14E Dance of Roses


SUNSHINE SUMMER — (Summer – Spring, aka Light Summer) golden blonde highlights in light ash brown hair, dun color, or slight tinge of red.  It is possible that their hair will darken to medium brown.  They are the most believable blond, even dyed.  A touch of yellow may be in the eye pattern, but generally more blue than green (will not look turquoise like spring).  Eyes will most often be blue, possibly have transparency of summer, with Spring’s twinkle (and possibly a touch of yellow).  Skin tone has blue undertone, may also have Spring’s yellow overtone, creating a light green cast.  (Skin around the eyes will be pink in Summers).  [summer-spring personality description]

Light Summer: Lightness! Saturation (clearness) is low-medium. Neutral cool heat level.

undertone: light blue with slight warm yellow overtone, creating green cast
Hair 19 Fawn
Romantic 2B Coral Pink
Eye 27 name not listed in booklet
Skin 19E Fawn

INDIAN SUMMER — (Summer – Autumn, aka Soft Summer) light red or copper, ash or sandy blonde hair, medium to dark ash (cool) brown,  perhaps with red highlights.   Often feels their hair is mousy.  The most likely to highlight which is not recommended (unless caramel brown). Generally with blue eyes, but could also be slightly green, grey or brown.  They could also seem changeable. Skin tone has a medium grayed-blue undertone and possible chatoyance (luminessence).  (Skin around the eyes will be pink in Summers).  [summer-autumn personality description]

Soft Summer: Softness! Value (darkness range) is medium. Cool to neutral heat.

undertone: medium grayed blue, with slightly warm overtone, creating neutral skin
Hair 19 Fawn
Romantic 2B Coral Pink
Eye 27 name not listed in booklet
Skin 19E Fawn

MOONLIGHT SUMMER — (Summer mixed with Winter, aka Cool Summer) Hair coloring: dark ash brown to brunette or silver hair, and double blue skin tone, that could place them in Winter, but they do not drape best in dark Winter colors (though it is possible they could wear black and it can be added to their fan). Their fan may include black or charcoal-gray, best worn with white or cream.  They often have rosy cheeks and a light rose-beige complexion. If hair is dyed too warm, their skin will appear red and patchy.  Eyes are most often deep or icy blue, but might also be light green, medium gray or soft brown (though brown eyes are rare for Summers).  Summer eyes are translucent or mottled with wide band around iris (often gray).  They often have darker eyebrows than other summers.   (Skin around the eyes will be pink in Summers).  summer-winter [personality description]

True Summer: Coolness! Saturation is medium. Value is medium.

undertone: soft mauve, overtone will also be cool, hence “Cool Summer”

Hair 20A Cloud Grey
Romantic 9B Heather Pearl
Eye 32B Ocean Blue (possibly soft brown)
Skin 18E Cameo Brown


When Seasons Go Gray


ABSOLUTE AUTUMN — Red hair does not always mean you are Autumn, but copper red (or metallic brown) hair does. We also find some Autumns who have a neutral beige hair coloring. Most Autumns share a very warm under toned complexion, especially when they get “worked up ” Angular face, squared jaw with beautiful cheekbones.  Eyes may be brown, olive green, steel blue, with bits of rust, gold or brown.   (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [personality description]
Hair 4A Pepper Red
Romantic 1C Terra Cotta
Eyes 26B Olive Green (or other colors as above)
Skin 10E Tawny


GOLDEN AUTUMN — (Autumn-Spring, aka Warm Autumn) Blonde Autumns (with possible red tinge, full red heads may also be included, or may be Absolute Autumns below) . Squared face that may be round or thin.  Olive green, green, steel blue or warm brown eyes, with gold or brown speckles (that make eye look olive green).  Skin has medium golden orange brown under tone.  Eyes may be hazel (possibly containing some blue), golden green, yellow brown.  Eyes may contain orange or wine. (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-spring personality description]

True Autumn: Warmness  Saturation is medium. Value is medium to med-dark.

undertone: medium golden orange brown, overtone will also be warm, hence “Warm Autumn”
Hair 21B Golden Wheat
Romantic 6C Orange Spice
Eye 28B Highlight Green (or as above)
Skin 8E Golden Glow

GENTLE AUTUMN — (Autumn-Summer, aka Soft Autumn) This type often has metallic quality to their hair (light brown or light blonde, even reddish blonde, “rose red,” or silver-grey). The Gentle type has a light hair coloring. Oval, diamond, triangular or even round face shape possible.  Eyes are blue, blue-grey, hazel, green or light brown.  Skin tone has undertones of amber and blue, may appear coppery.  Skin is often lighter than other Autumns.   (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-summer personality description]

Soft Autumn: Softness! Value is medium. Warm to neutral heat.

undertone: amber and blue overtone, may appear coppery, neutral
Hair 17B
Romantic 3B Citrus Orange
Eye 32C Delph Blue
Skin 11E


striking autumnSTRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN — (Autumn-Winter, aka Deep/Dark Autumn) Very dark hair  (usually brunette, possibly black with warm tones, possibly metallic looking) indicates a mixing with Winter Season. This Autumn type may look good in a warm black which is found on strip 40 in Autumn’s Color Fan®.  Eyes may be dark warm brown, rust, deep olive-green, or steel blue.   Skin will have warm dark red orange undertone.  May have oval face shape, with prominent cheek bones, or broad or angular face. (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-winter personality description]

Dark Autumn: Darkness! Saturation is medium to fairly high. Neutral warm heat.

undertone: dark red orange, with slightly cool overtone, neutral skin

Hair 40A Charcoal (warm tones)
Romantic 1D Nectarine
Eye 19A Nut Brown
Skin 11E Toast


ABSOLUTE WINTER — If you have dark hair (black or silver) and light skin , or if your hair is very dark and your skin is dark.  Eyes are usually blue, hazel (with dark rim) or dark brown. (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [personality description]
  • Bluish or pinkish undertone to your skin. Olive-yellow undertones may be visible but not in the same extent as the cool undertones.
Hair 40A Midnight Black
Romantic 5B Mulberry
Eye 30D Blue Blue (or as above)
Skin 15E Wood Sprite

FIRELIGHT WINTER — (Winter with Spring blend , aka Clear/Bright Winter)) Your hair color may be blonde, almost white blonde or light (or even dark) brown, silver or pure white, looking like a Spring, but they have a more aloof Winter air.   They also have Winter contrast. Skin will have strawberry undertone and will have light bisque complexion.  Eyes will have winter spokes, or dark lines around the iris, in sparkling blue, brown, tan, cool blue, bright hazel or gray eyes.  (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [winter-spring personality description]

Bright Winter: Brightness! Value is medium to fairly dark. Neutral cool.

undertone: strawberry red, with light bisque complexion, neutral skin
Clear Winter: black, deep brown, light neutral beige, pale olive, milky white; often translucent
Hair 17 E Sequoia (or dark as above)
Romantic 10B Cranberry
Eye 29B Blue Pond (or other colors as above)
Skin also 17E Sequoia

SUNSET WINTER — (Winter mixed with Autumn) Hair color will be deep auburn or medium dramatic red.  Face may be squared at the jaw or prominent cheekbones.  Hair contrasts with very cool skin.  Light skin is milky white, with very little evidence of freckles.  Cool skin undertone will be mulberry.  (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [winter-autumn personality description]

Dark Winter: Darkness! Saturation is medium. Neutral cool heat.

undertone: mulberry with possible warm overtone, neutral skin

Deep Winter: pale beige, beige, black, black-brown,olive; skin may have warmth

Hair 13A Wine Red
Romantic 13C Wine Red
Eye 16 A  oops Maple Brown
Skin 18E Deep Pink Brown

SNOWFROST WINTER — (Winter mixed with Summer, aka Cool Winter) Hair color will likely be light, medium or dark neutral or ash brown (possible red highlights).   May have salt n pepper, gray, silver or white hair, may gray early in life.  “No one grays better.” Clear primary colors of Winter bring out sparkle in complexion.  Very light skin tone with blue undertone.  They may not have as dark hair as other Winters, but their complexion sparkles in Winter colors.  (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [winter-summer personality description]

True Winter: Coolness! Saturation is mid to high. Value is mid to fairly dark.

undertone: blue to purple, overtone will also be cool, hence “Cool Winter”
Cool Winter: rose beige, neutral beige, soft cool olive or black skin
Hair 17A Sequoia (or gray as above)
Romantic 2D Bubble Gum
Eye 28A Blue Spruce
Skin 18E Deep Pink Brown (palest)
These are average body colors for the seasons.  Find your own colors on your fan.