Celebrity: Angelina Jolie Part 3

Continued from Part 2

Angelina’s face shape is rectangle, which is generally thought to be Winter.  Her natural hair color is an ash brown, which leans more Summer.  She looks best when her hair is close to this natural ash tone, perhaps only slightly warmer.  While she can carry the drama of black hair, it washes her out.  She could be a Jeweltone Summer with strong secondary Winter.
Angelina’s eye has a Soft Autumn appearance.
Angelina’s eye

Let’s look at Angelina’s hair.

When she was young, her natural color appears to be an ash brown.



Here she dyed it when short and here she did not.
Close to natural color


Blonde (probably for acting parts)
She does not look good in platinum blonde, nor strawberry blonde.
Red Hair
Red hair looks dramatic, but forced.
Black hair

She can carry the drama of black hair, but it does tend to make her look a bit washed out.