Celebrity: Angelina Jolie Part 1

Over at my Seasonal Color Analysis Celebs blog, I mention one of the most controversial celebs, Angelina Jolie, because no one can agree!  Why do you think that is?  And let’s start analyzing her here, below.
Angelina Jolie Summer Aura Image Consulting
Angelina Jolie Jeweltone Summer Suzanne Caygill
Angelina Jolie Indian Summer Color Me a Season
Angelina Jolie Soft Summer Deep Pretty Your World
Angelina Jolie Autumn Glowing Color
Angelina Jolie Autumn Morgan Delaney
Angelina Jolie Soft Autumn Truth is Beauty
Angelina Jolie Bronze Autumn David Zyla
Angelina Jolie Tone III IlluminEssensce
Angelina Jolie Cool Winter 30 Something urban girl
Angelina Jolie Type 2 or 4 the Carol Blog

When I do a virtual CMAS analysis, I check the person with various colors representing the four seasons, so I’ve matched Angelina (sans makeup) with some reds above.  Now let’s look at her in some red dresses.


While Spring is the one season no one thinks she is, she has worn some really loud yellowed reds.

The thing about Angelina is she is so beautiful, she can pretty much wear anything….
She is a Jeweltone Summer according to the Caygill method and an Indian Summer (Summer-Autumn) according to Color Me A Season, and a Soft Summer Deep according to Pretty Your World.
Many people think she is a Soft Summer, but I cannot find her in a Summer colored dress, so I’ve pasted her onto this wine colored dress.  (This is the color used in CMAS draping).  Aside from the lipstick not matching, I think she looks beautiful.
Glowing Color calls her an Autumn, as does Morgan Delany, and Truth is Beauty lists her as a Soft Autumn, David Zyla has her as a Bronze Autumn, and she’s a Tone III according to IlluminEssensce.  Here is Angelina in two rust colored dresses leaning Autumn.  She has a trend of dressing very modestly at times.  These dresses are kind of boring to me, but they don’t look horrible.
30 Something Urban Girl says she is a Cool Winter, and DYT can’t agree but say she is either Type 2 or Type 4.
I must say that I lean towards thinking that Angelina is a Winter Type 4, but here she is in pure hue red, and also with contrasting white in a dress.  She can certainly do these looks as well.
More colors in Part 2.