How do these brown hair, brown eyed seasons differ?

Vital SpringThe CMAS category of Striking Spring is also called Vital Spring in other systems.  This season will wear Spring tints best, but leaning towards Winter pure hues.  See examples here.  A defining feature will be the yellow undertone to their skin.  Their romantic and dynamic is much more saturated than other Springs.
STRIKING SPRING — (Spring – Winter, aka Bright/Clear/Vital Spring) medium to dark brunette, root beer brown, black (with warm tones), also blonde or platinum, or silver, gray or white hair. Skin tone is porcelain to dark olive but with yellow (or pink) under base.  Angular, oval or oblong face shape.  Eyes are usually brown, possibly with a yellow marking, may also be shining golden brown or blue with rays or spokes, or yellow marking around starburst, or open space in nerve wreath. (Skin around the eyes will be yellow in Springs).  [spring-winter personality description]
 romantics vital spring
Hair 40A Charcoal (or in this case brown)
Romantic 2A Sultry Peach or Poppy
Eye 15A Brown Luster (possibly blue also)romantic striking spring
Skin 9D Dream Sheen
 Spring in Styles  click for larger (Natural is not indicated for Vital Spring)
clear spring classic EYT clear spring dramatic EYT clear spring gamine EYT clear spring ingenue EYT clear spring natural EYT2 clear spring romantic EYTvital springvital spring
Striking Springs are the only Springs that can wear black.


jeweltone summer2

The CMAS category of Moonlight Summer has a subcategory in other systems, called Jeweltone Summer (or Twilight or Dusky Summer) for the brown eyed Summers, which are rare.  This season will wear Summer tones best, but leaning towards Winter pure hues, increasing the saturation.  See examples here, they are almost like the Cool Winter except slightly less contrast.  A defining feature should be the pink undertone to their skin.  The romantics and dramatics are jeweltone/cool.

MOONLIGHT SUMMER — (Summer mixed with Winter, aka Cool Summer) Hair coloring: dark ash brown to brunette or silver hair, and double blue skin tone, that could place them in Winter, but they do not drape best in dark Winter colors (though it is possible they could wear black and it can be added to their fan). Their fan may include black or charcoal-gray, best worn with white or cream.  They often have rosy cheeks and a light rose-beige complexion. If hair is dyed too warm, their skin will appear red and patchy.  Eyes are most often deep or icy blue, but might also be light green, medium gray or soft brown (though brown eyes are rare for Summers).  Summer eyes are translucent or mottled with wide band around iris (often gray).  They often have darker eyebrows than other summers.   (Skin around the eyes will be pink in Summers).  summer-winter [personality descriptionromantics jeweltone summer

Hair 20A Cloud Grey or in this case Ash Brown
Romantic 9B Heather Pearl
Eye 32B Ocean Blue (possibly soft brown)romantic Moonlight Summer
Skin 18E Cameo Brown
 Summer in Styles click for larger (Dramatic, Natural and Gamine are probably not indicated for Jeweltone Summer)

summer dramatics EYT cool summer natural EYTsummer gamines EYT

cool summer classic EYT cool summer ingenue EYT  cool summer romantic EYTjeweltone summerjeweltone summer

moonlight summer neutrals jackets
The exception to the no black rule for Summers is for some Jeweltone Summers, which are higher secondary Winter.


dark autumn celebs2The Striking or Bronze Autumn is also called Dark Autumn.  This season will look best in Autumn shades, but leaning towards Winter pure hues, darkening the colors.  See examples here.  A defining feature will be the golden orange undertone to their skin.  The romantic and dramatics are rich.

STRIKING or BRONZE AUTUMN — (Autumn-Winter, aka Deep/Dark Autumn) Very dark hair  (usually brunette, possibly black with warm tones, possibly metallic looking) indicates a mixing with Winter Season. This Autumn type may look good in a warm black which is found on strip 40 in Autumn’s Color Fan®.  Eyes may be dark warm brown, rust, deep olive-green, or steel blue.   Skin will have warm dark red orange undertone.  May have oval face shape, with prominent cheek bones, or broad or angular face. (Skin around the eyes will be orange in Autumns).  [autumn-winter personality description]

Average body colors acc. to CMAS:

Hair 40A Charcoal (warm tones)romantics bronze autumn
Romantic 1D Nectarine
Eye 19A Nut Brownromantic striking autumn
Skin 11E Toast


 Autumn in Styles click for larger (Natural is not indicated for Dark Autumn, choose Exotic instead)

dark autumn classic EYT dark autumn dramatic EYT dark autumn gamine EYT dark autumn ingenue EYT dark autumn natural EYT2 dark autumn romantic EYTbronze and mellow autumnsbronze autumn

dark autumn neutrals
The Striking or Bronze Autumn can wear a brown-black.


dark winterThe Sunset Winter is also called Dark Winter in other seasons.  They will look best in Winter pure hues, but leaning towards Autumn shades, warming and darkening the colors.   See examples here. A defining feature should be a cool (mulberry) undertone to their skin.  The romantics and dramatics are cool.

SUNSET WINTER — (Winter mixed with Autumn) Hair color will be deep auburn or medium dramatic red.  Face may be squared at the jaw or prominent cheekbones.  Hair contrasts with very cool skin.  Light skin is milky white, with very little evidence of freckles.  Cool skin undertone will be mulberry.  (Skin around the eyes will be grey in Winters).  [winter-autumn personality description]
romantics vivid winterAverage body colors acc. to CMAS:

Hair 13A Wine Red
Romantic 13C Wine Red
Eye 16 A  oops Maple Brownromantic dark winter
Skin 18E Deep Pink Brown


 Winter in Styles click for larger (Dark Winter can dress Natural)

dark winter classic EYT dark winter dramatic EYT dark winter gamine EYT dark winter ingenue EYT dark winter natural EYT dark winter romantic EYTexotic winterdynamic winter

The Dark Winter can wear a black that has a hint of brown, like espresso.
The Dark Winter can wear a black that has a hint of brown, like espresso.