How to use your fan

Subtitle: What fan should I get?

I’ve been asked by clients what fan they should get.  Of course, I’m going to say get the CMAS fan,  or a Color Profiles individualized fabric fan, you can ordereither  from me here, in which case here is some information on how to use it: How to use your fan download

Color Me A Season (CMAS Fans): I am certified in CMAS Color Analysis

Your Season

The Spring Fan: used for Glorious (Warm Spring), Pastel (Light Spring) or Striking (Clear/Bright/Vital) SpringThe Summer Fan: used for Moonlight (Cool) Summer, Sunshine (Light) Summer or Indian (Soft) SummerThe Autumn Fan: used for Golden (Warm) Autumn, Gentle (Soft) Autumn or Striking (Deep/Dark) AutumnThe Winter Fan: used for Snowfrost (Cool) Winter, Firelight (Bright/Clear) Winter or Sunset (Deep/Dark) Autumn

Color Profiles Fabric Fans

Bright Moon Glow, is like a Striking Spring
Early Summer, is like a mix of Light Spring and Summer
Bright Tiger’s Eye, is a Bright Autumn
Blue Bloods is like Snowfrost Winter

Each Color Profiles Fabric fan is given it’s own name.  See my portfolio here!

When you get your CMAS season, it will be your dominant season and a blend or secondary season.  There are four fans for the dominant seasons and then your best colors within that fan will be marked on the fan, or you can refer to the document or the link marked “Your Season” above. Both list the numbered fan strips for your subseason.

Also, here are the two methods of using the fan in brief:



Method 1: hold up one strip to match a color


Method 2: take the whole fan, or a section, to match harmony

So, what if you want another fan?  These are not from me, they are other sources.

 Look at this link for Other Fans download  for pictures (or the last page of the how to use your fan download above).

Example: Pastel Spring

in order of price


enalysis$19.99 Color E-Nalysis Fabric Color Swatches $19.99 (6 choices: clear, soft, cool, light, warm or deep) has self test GET THE LIGHT (these are fabric unbound, fairly simple but nice for the price)

swatchbook$25 Style Makeovers Fabric Swatch Books $25 and neutral $5 (12 Seasons) GET LIGHT SPRING (these are fabric on a card based wallet)

swatch wallet$25 Colour Analysis Mini 4 Seasonal Fabric Swatch Wallet ebay $25 (4 Seasons) GET SPRING (NO SUBSEASON, tiny bound fabric wallet for 4 main seasons)

colorfangroup-pix-200ppi$26 Color Me A Season Fans (strips) $26 (4 Seasons with booklet to use with Seasonal Blends) GET SPRING (you can order from me)

cmb fans$32 Color Me Beautiful Fans (chips) click on your seasons package to buy individually (4 Seasons) GET SPRING HERE (they are plastic chips)

fujii$49 Donna Fujii fabric palettes $49 (High Contrast Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall, and Low Contrast Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall; also Hispanic, Asian and African American) has self test GET LOW CONTRAST SPRING HERE (these are nice fabric swatches within a plastic fan case)

color revival$24.95 Pretty Your World Color Revival eBook contains 4×4 Palettes in ebook $24.95

4x4_swatches_grande$66 Pretty Your World 4×4 Color Swatch Books (16 Seasons) $66 GET TINTED SPRING

spectrafiles$65  Spectrafiles Sci-Art $65   GET LIGHT SPRING

glam$65 Glam Things Deluxe Color Swatches (shipped from Barcelona Spain)  too expensive to ship

$75 Elea Blake Seasonal Swatchbooks $75  (12 Seasons) GET LIGHT SPRING, THEY HAVE 12 TONE OR INVENT YOUR IMAGE

true colour$75 True Colour International Classic and Corporate Palettes $75 and $77.50 (12 Seasons) GET LIGHT SPRING

indigo$85  Indigo Tones swatches $85.00 (12 Seasons) GET LIGHT SPRING


light sunlit spring2