Fashion Style Categories

Bernice Kenter describes fashion style categories as follows: Height Head eyes eyebrows nose mouth personality Most YangDramatic above average height, long boned and long legged, erect posture oval face, high cheekbones, striking contrast deepset, sometimes slanted or at an angle with heavy lids sharply defined long, pointed, flared at the nostrils Lips held firmly and…

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Color Me A Season Celebrity Lists

You’ll notice many of these celebs are placed in other seasons by other systems.  Sub-season names in CMAS.

downloadSpring celebrities:
Lindsay Lohan (typed as Autumn elsewhere)
Gillian Anderson
Evangeline Lily
Shirley McClain
Angela Lansbury (some Winter blend)
Deborah Norvall
Deborah London
Joan London
Sarah Ferguson
Nancy Reagan (Winter in her worrying)
Goldie Hawn
Bette Midler (blended with August)
Dolly Parton (blended with Spring)
Barbara Streisand (touch of Autumn)
Marilyn Monroe (Winter blend)
Meryl Streep (Winter blend)
2012-06-09-marilyn1 amy adams barbra-streisand 51559991PK005_hulaween cameron Deborah Norville2-20120509-12 dolly_parton_1314710017_crop_550x588 Evangeline-Lilly-Profile-Biography-Story-News-Hot-Pictures-4 gillian-anderson-gillian-anderson-12237699-1960-2560 Goldie-Hawn-Map-267x400 joan-londonchestnut Meryl-Streep-1tumblr_l3qcdyfg6R1qahhgm-1 Nancy_Reagan rachel ray rose leslie sarah ferguson Shirley MacLaine
Summer-Word-artSummer celebrities:

Jeri Ryan
Denise Richards
Eva Habermann
Grace Kelly
Linda Evans
Loni Anderson
Mary Fran (strong Winter blend)
Ann Murray
Shirley Jones (blends with Spring)
Cheryl Tiegs
Farrah Fawcett (could be Snowfrost Winter)
Bo Derek
Lady Di
Cathy Crosby
Loretta Young (Moonlight type)
1-the-partridge-family-shirley-jones-everett 159109245_linda-evans-dynasty-rare-studio-portrait-still-photo annemurraySR bo derek cathy crosby cheryl tiegs Denise_Richards_2009 Eva_Habermann_(Berlin_Film_Festival_2009)_revised Grace Kelly (circa mid-1950s) Jeri_Ryan_(2012) ladi di loni-anderson-013 Huty1585345 mary_frann_mug_2
autumn-wordAutumn celebrities:
Natalie Portman
Jessica Alba
Aishwarya Rai
Betty Davis (blended with Spring and Winter)
Barbara Walters (Summer blend, very versatile colors)
Jane Fonda (with Winter blend)
Mary Tyler Moore
Susan Hayward (strong Winter blend)
Lauren Bacall
Stephanie Powers
Eve Arden
6933_Jane-Fonda-d_copy_2 Actress Rai wears a diamond necklace in Mumbai ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Bette-bette-davis-15189717-1734-2560 bigevearden (1) ed-asner-mary-tyler-moore-20327357 Jessica-Alba-Picture1 lauren-bacall-ca-1946-everett Stefanie_Powers_2010 susan-hayward-01 Natalie-Portman-Pictures-15
6a0163005ba0ec970d017d3e0599a7970c-500wiWinter celebrities:

Kristin Kreuk
Alicia Keys
Rosario Dawson
Elizabeth Taylor (Romantic type)
Cher (Dramatic type)
Jaclyn Smith
Joan Collins
Jacqueline Bissett
Joan Crawford
Judy Garland
Marie Osmond
Lynda Carter
35de1w8 49march11a 013112-Madonna-400 1150528-alicia-keys Jaclyn-Smith-charlies-angels-tv-13114507-608-700 jacqueline bisset Joan Collins-741730 judy5 KRISTIN KREUK on The Morning Show Lynda-Carter-lynda-carter-33746994-2174-3000 Marie-Osmond-food-storage1Elizabeth_Taylor_25 111610_cher_106900905

A Blonde Blue-Eyed Autumn?

This is Australian actress, Marta Dusseldorp.



Autumns can have blue eyes, but then they don’t have the Aztec Sun shape, but this nerve ring is pretty jagged.

Your Season

  • GOLDEN AUTUMN — Blonde Autumns are mixed with Spring and they really love the more intense colors found in Autumn’s Color Fan. Golden Autumns love the pure orange, purple, gold, red orange, etc.